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Jane has been involved with horses all her life.  Ever since she can remember her two great passions have been riding horses and painting.  After leaving school, Jane continued her involvement in riding by training horses, competing in eventing and in point to point NH racing, which gave her a unique insight into the world of equestrian sport and the equine form.

Her love of painting and a natural artistic talent gained her a place at Chelsea Art School, followed by studies in classical art in Florence, where she mastered her artistic talent.

Jane is accomplished in all media, particularly in oils, where her traditional style is outstanding and reminiscent of the great 19th century masters of equestrian art led by George Stubbs.

Her latest works which feature on our website comprise a set of three paintings featuring the founding sires of the modern thorouhbred - The Godolphin Arabian, The Darley Arabian and the Byerley Turk.  Each is brilliantly executed in oils by the artist, framed in a tradional style in gold wood and would grace the most elegant of settings.  It is planned to exhibit these works at Newmarket for the first time at the Cambridgeshire meeting in late September.




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