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Elvira's outstanding artistic talent was identified early in life, and at the age of twelve she was sent to The Central Art School in Moscow, which was part of the Vassily Surikov Academic Art Institute.  This was followed by her professional studies as costume designer at the famous 'Sergei Gerasimov' All Russian University of Cinematography.

For eight years she lived, worked and successfully exhibited her paintings in Mexico. One notable achievement was her selection as the only foreign artist to have her works selected for a book entitled 'Huella entre Milenios', which celebrates the work of Mexican artists at the turn of the millennium.

In 2002, she moved to the UK, where her work has been exhibited in numerous solo and collective exhibitions. Her portrait of legendary Russian actor Innokenti Smoktunovsky was short-listed for the Garrick-Milne Prize and later sold at Christies in London.

Elvira's style is reminiscent of the great French Fauvist artist Raoul Dufy (1877 -1953), whose bold use of colour became very fashionable and remains so to this day. Where Elvira and Raoul differ in their expressionist style, is that Elvira adds a more elegant and feminine touch to the scenes and characters she depicts in her paintings.

Elvira's solo exhibitions include: 'Summer Remembered' at the Nati Gallery (2013), 'Russian Mindscapes' (2014) and 'the Eternal Feminine' (2015) at the Russian Embassy in Kensington.  Her paintings feature in private collections throughout Russia, Mexico, Canada and the US.

A new body of equestrian oil paintings by Elvira can be seen on exhibition in the Summerhouse Restaurant at the world famous Newmarket July racecourse throughout the Summer Season as well as being featured on the website. 


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