Artists - Mike Heslop


Mike Heslop's career spans four decades.  Having trained at the Somerset College of Art and Brighton College of Art & Design, Mike's natural gift for draughtsmanship became unequalled among his peers.  His love of sport and golf and horseracing in particular led him naturally into the world of commission based sporting art where he quickly deveoped a worldwide appeal and reputation.

His globe-trotting career has taken him from lecturer at Falmouth College of Art and Design in the early eighties to Stockholm as resident artist for Studio Frank, to New York and then to Canada.  His career has come full circle and he has returned to his beloved West Country to concentrate on his great passion painting the 'Sport of Kings'.

Equestrian Art Ltd are pleased and proud to act as Mike's agent for original equestrian works. His first work for EAL is a stunning oil on canvas of the invincible Frankel, the image of which is shown on his gallery on our website.  Mike is currently working on a similar study of Camelot which should be available for exhibition and sale towards the end of 2012.